The Hotel Ponta Anchaca

The sacred island of Rubane, where our charming hotel is situated, rises in the heart of the Bijagós archipelago.

An archipelago of 88 islands off the coast of Guinea-Bissau, where nature is of exceptional diversity.

Marine refuge for numerous species, it is also the place of a preserved culture, deeply related to the animal world (dolphins, turtles, marine mammals ...).

The Hotel Ecololodge**** Ponta Anchaca gives you a warm welcome on the paradise Island of Rubane, with a set of huts built on stilts, beautifully located on the beach of the Island of Rubane.


We invite you to discover all the attractions of this little paradise.

  • Cabotage (coastal navigation) between islands;

  • Picnic in the sand banks;

  • Visit to traditional local villages;

  • Sport fishing of numerous marine species.

... to the dinner by candlelight ... it is a delightful adventure ...

The discovery of the Bijagos is a rare experience, which privileges respect for the intact nature of the archipelago, but also its well-being and serenity.

The isolation of the islands and their classification make it an exclusive destination ....


To welcome you, we have organized a set of 26 modernly equipped bungalows, fully air-conditioned split system, built on stilts and beautifully located along the beach of the Island of Rubane... four suites, luxury rooms, a conference room and fitness center.

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